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Greg Mertz, Owner Greg was one of three children raised by a single mother on the east side of Indianapolis. With a busy working mother, Greg spent a lot of his early years with his grandparents, tagging along with them through the Summers, visiting family and friends throughout Indianapolis, and the state of Indiana. Riding along with his grandfather was always a new experience as the same route was never taken, and Greg has fond memories of viewing it all through the windshield as they traveled far and wide. It was the 1970s and there were no handheld devices, or electronic games to keep him occupied. With a love for travel, and a desire to get from one point to another, Greg’s career in transportation was founded. He attended Our Lady of Lourdes grade school in the Irvington area. Upon graduation from Our Lady of Lourdes he attended Warren Central High School and graduated in 1986.

He moved out on his own at the tender age of 17 and decided to attend Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis. Two years into a degree and feeling the exhaustion of working full time while going to school full time, he decided to leave school and work. He held many odd jobs including everything from delivering pizzas to driving limousines until a friend offered him a job at a trucking company. The year was 1996. He had met the woman that he would soon marry. Greg and his wife Carla married in 1997 and three short years later they welcomed their son, Justin, into the world. In 2001, the trucking company went out of business but by then Greg had first-hand experience working in all facets of the business – as a Dock Supervisor, Dispatch Coordinator, Driver Manager and even Customer Service Representative.
Before everyone else jumped ship to other companies, Greg would beat them to the punch. He landed a job delivering for FedEx Ground. It scared his wife Carla to think he was going to make such a move but he felt it was necessary, and she supported him. As an independent contractor, he was responsible for every part of the business. He was the business. From paying payroll taxes and maintaining trucks to scheduling deliveries each day, Greg was truly a one man band. After two years his body was telling him it had enough. Jumping in and out of trucks took its toll. Mind you, Greg and Carla added another child, Lauren during all of this which with all of the other adjustments, added to Carla’s stress level. Greg sold his routes and spoke to a business broker. After several discussions with the broker, Direct Delivery was presented as a potential business fit.


It was a perfect fit for Greg as he had been on a training mission for the past decade. So, from the day that Greg and Carla walked into this solid company, they have built it to what it is today. Now, almost a decade into it, they realize that this was the best decision they ever made. The friendships Greg has made with Direct Delivery clients will last a lifetime. He looks forward to going to work everyday because he is doing what he loves and he hopes that it shows to each and every customer.


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