Direct Delivery Racing

Growing up, Greg had the opportunity to surround himself with some people that shaped his life; one of those people was Bill Tunny Jr.


Bill took Greg under his wing as a teenager which meant he spent many summer evenings in Bill’s garage working on a race car. During these times together, Bill taught Greg that hard work equals a good life and that if he wanted something in this world, he would have to work hard to earn it.

Today, Greg returns to the same garage and has decided to become part of Bill’s racing team. Greg supports Bill’s three sons, Ben, Jesse and Austin. Like Bill did for Greg, Greg now supports these young men both financially and emotionally.

Not only has Ben Tunny accomplished a lot on the track (like his father, Bill did), Jesse is coming in to his own as well. Austin was the youngest person to ever drive a late model car in the history of the track and I know he will follow in the footsteps of his brothers and become one of the greats.

Direct Delivery is a proud sponsor of the Tunny family racing team, and the relationship continues to grow stronger every day. To see the Tunnys race, and support our Direct Delivery Racing Team, check them out at the Indianapolis Speedrome…but you better hurry, everything happens fast!!!!

Proud Sponsor of the Tunny Family at the Indianapolis Speedrome

This relationship has been built through two generations, and continues to get stronger every day! Support our team in Indianapolis at the Speedrome! See ya there!