In The Community

Direct Delivery considers its role serving businesses in the community a priority. What’s more is we consider our role in the community important as well. It is our goal to always be supportive by donating time, services and dollars when and where we can to support many organizations and individuals who help to make a difference.


Food Banks: At least once a month, Direct Delivery uses its resources to help move food from one point to another. Between St. Christopher Parish on the west side of Indianapolis and our involvement with Gleaners Food Bank, Direct Delivery is helping to deliver food to those who need it most.

Our Lady of Lourdes: Direct Delivery owner, Greg Mertz fondly remembers his days as a student at Our Lady of Lourdes in Irvington. Today, he finds time to still be involved at various events as both a sponsor and participant – spending time with many of his old schoolmates.

Local Music:  In his early 20s, Direct Delivery owner Greg Mertz discovered local band “The Why Store” which still today is his favorite band of all time. He would go to every show he could to listen to this band as they sounded better live than they did on the record and you never heard the same show twice. He was lucky enough to meet the guys and become friends with them all. Michael David Smith taught him how to play guitar and when he decided to put out a solo album, Greg donated the funds necessary to print and package the album. Greg Gardner, the bass player from the band is working on a solo project as well and Direct Delivery will provide support to see it through production.

“Listening to these players makes me realize what a sacrifice they make for their craft – I always go out of my way to make sure I support all the local bands as they are taking a huge leap of faith to do what they love”…
-Greg Mertz